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The best technical translation and efficient terminology management

The right technology, the right translator

Our working method

Helena Technical Translations' work is professional, customer-oriented and flexible. All our translators and project managers are linguists and native speakers. The format of the content will never present a problem as we use our tools to ensure a good technical translation and efficient terminology management. We keep the structure of your files (including xml) completely intact.

You can also come to us for machine translations. We can guarantee that the quality meets your specific requirements by post-editing. It goes without saying that all your documentation and content is treated confidentially. Our translation agency works and is certified in accordance with ISO 17100.

We are able to guarantee fast response times with reliable and consistent translations as all our translators are in our employ. They are all highly qualified linguists and have great skill in the translation of extremely complex technical texts. As we also lead the way in translation technology, our translators are able to integrate your translations seamlessly into your operational processes.

Focus on the entire translation process

Helena Technical Translations' strength is that we can offer everything literally under one roof. Our service covers the entire translation process in all domains until the desired end result has been achieved. From advice, project management, translation and revision to proofreading, localisation, DTP and (after) service.

Quotation request

You can  request a quotation from us entirely without obligation. When we receive a request from you, we will often send the quotation the same day. When we receive an order from you, Helena Technical Translations B.V. will immediately acknowledge receipt and then get to work straight away.


We handle every order in the strictest confidence. Our work procedures are designed for this purpose and employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement. A non-disclosure agreement formulated by the customer can also be signed by us if required.


The files, often provided in PDF format, are converted into an editable electronic document. Any available reference materials, terminology and translation memories (TM) are taken into account in the subsequent analysis.


When carrying out the translation we take account of terminology, grammar, context of words and expressions, style, local customs and culture, layout, target group and the purpose of the translation, in accordance with European standard ISO 17100. Our preference is to use a translator who has already translated for your company and is familiar with your company’s specific terminology and style.

Helena Technical Translations only works with highly qualified and experienced native speakers who are familiar with the relevant domain. The target language for native speakers is their mother tongue. They know the customs of their country and intuitively sense how something should be translated.


At the customer’s request Helena Technical Translations B.V. can also offer proofreading or revision of translations which have been carried out by third parties. This service is included in the price for translations carried out by Helena Technical Translations B.V.


Before delivering the document we check it again thoroughly. Additional DTP services may be required for documents with a complex layout. Helena Technical Translations B.V. can also provide these DTP services on request.


You may have comments or suggestions for improvement after delivery. We will gladly incorporate these for you.

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You can rely on the quality of a certified technical translation agency that was established in 1991. Highly qualified in-house translators provide translations which meet specific customer requirements. Without intermediaries, so always competitively priced!

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