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Corporate Social Responsibility

Embedded in our company culture

Sustainable growth

Corporate social responsibility is embedded in our company culture since the establishment of Helena Technical Translations B.V. in 1991. This has helped us grow sustainably by word of mouth advertising. To us, corporate social responsibility means the way our company serves the interests of society & environment as well as those of our customers, suppliers and staff.

We incorporated this principle in our environmental policy as well as in our open, honest and transparent services, a pleasant working environment for our staff and a fair purchasing policy of (translation) services and goods.

Environmental policy

We invest in resources/work methods that actually limit the burden on energy and the environment as much as possible. At the end of 2017, the transfer from gas as energy source for the office to all-electric and almost zero energy has been completed. Hoeve Wildrijk is thus no longer dependent on fossil fuels such as natural gas and fully functions on green energy. When Hoeve Wildrijk was rebuilt in 2009, the carbon footprint was kept as low as possible by installing wooden floors and using recycled materials. The building is equipped with a geothermal heating installation.

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